If You could Only Hear Me

If You Could Only Hear Me:

These are the words from a woman in a coma, this could have been the words spoken from a person you
loved and lost once they slipped into a coma. This could have been their final thoughts; these are the
words they would have liked to have spoken if only they had one more chance to speak.
I am inside of my body but I am outside of it at the same time.
How could that be? Perhaps it is my spirit trying to leave my body, lying there in the bed.
I see my family members, I see the doctors and nurses hovering over my head. I can hear their
conversations. The doctors are saying there is no more hope of life left in me.
The nurses are looking at me with forlorn looks of pity and care. My family is looking at me with glances,
some of hope and some of despair.
“ Wait Doctor!, What do you mean I am going to die?” , “I still have lots of things I need to get done. I
need to kiss my children and husband one last time and tell them how dearly I love them. I need to

A Palace Built from Love

A Palace built from Love in Mississippi by Ella Shines Goldsmith A Palace built from Love in Mississippi    by Ella Shines Goldsmith

    This is the palace that Dennis built!  The Rev. H.D. Dennis that is the man who built this      palace out of love for his darling wife, Mary Martin Dennis, his 4th wife.    What started out as a normal country grocery store has transformed into an unbelievable work of folk art that has been photographed many, many times from people all over the world from the U.S, to  Germany and beyond.   When the Rev. Dennis proposed to Margaret, he promised her that  "If you marry me, I will turn your store into a palace".  Little did he realize then that his promise would end up being a great work of art for the entire world to marvel at and enjoy.  

 Growing up in the family, as children, my siblings and I would visit my grandmother and my great aunt Margaret, sister to my grandmother Mentha Martin.  We thought her husband,  Rev. Dennis was an old ecce…

Bling on a Shoestring - How to shop and decorate on a Shoestring Budget


Many of you are wondering how you can get your house to look like a millionaire's mansion or a professional  interior decorator designed it!  Well i have some hacks or shortcuts that you can use to make your home look like a professionally designed home and it will only cost you a few dollars and wont break your bank or budget!

I am a Capricorn, therefore i am a frugal person by nature.  I simply love buying spectacular "expensive looking" things and not spending a fortune on them. My trick is,  i often visit furniture stores, and even open houses that have been staged and fully decorated so that i can get ideas on how to decorate. I study the room and learn what is placed where, what goes good with what and sometimes i take photos to look at later.  I have to admit some of my decorating talent is natural.  I guess i was born with it.  I love to place items next to each other and watch the magic happen.  
James City,  The Methodical Destruction of An Affluent Black Town in the 1800’s    By Ella Shines Goldsmith

James City, ca 1910,Photograph by Bayard Wootten. North Carolina Collection, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Library.
James City located in Craven County, North Carolina, was a flourishing african american city in  the 1900’s.  It was founded immediately after the civil war in mid to late 1800’s during reconstruction.  James City was predominately a city of freed slaves that fled to this area in 1865.   In 1862 Union forces captured this area along the North Carolina coast.  Now this area had numerous freed slaves that had crossed Union lines to safety.  The Union Army formed a settlement along the Trent River, originally called the Trent River Settlement. This land had been confiscated from a former Confederate colonel, Peter G. Evans. By 1865 nearly 3000 black lived in the settlement of 800 homes, renamed James City, after it’s founder, Horace James, superintendent o…

The History of the African American Shines Family and Relationship to Pres.Thomas Jefferson

The History of the African American Shines Family and Relationship to  Pres.Thomas Jefferson by Ella Shines Goldsmith

The African American Shines Family is related to President Thomas Jefferson,  not through the lineage of Sallie Hemmings but marriage.
Genealogist have documented connections of the Shine family to Thomas Jefferson.  It is well documented that a  great  granddaughter of Thomas Jefferson, Maria Jefferson Eppes, married Dr William Francis Shine (b.1832). Her grandmother was Maria “Polly” Jefferson, Thomas Jefferson’s daughter.

The connection toThomas Jefferson is as follows; Daniel Shine was born in 1690 in Ireland, He came to New Bern North Carolina in 1710. He married Elizabeth Green, Daniel Shine and Elizabeth Green’s first son John ( b. 11/25/1725) had a son named Francis Stringer Shine (b. 1760). He had a son named Richard Alexander (b.1810) that moved to Florida and became a prosperous brick maker. His son, Dr William Francis Shine ( b.1835 -1910) was an important doc…
A Hidden Treasure in Vicksburg, Mississippi by Ella Shines Goldsmith

Read the story of how my Aunt Margaret Martin Dennis and Rev. H.D. Dennis
transformed an old country store into a work of vernacular folk art that has been
photographed, and immortalized in book, magazines, newspapers and even a
documentary by Zach Godshall.   Find the link to the detailed blog by clicking the link